Joystick control for our front butterfly mowers!

The new joystick makes the operation of our front butterfly mower much more comfortable! Both the solo operation of all cutting units as well as the common lifting / lowering / switching on and off of all cutting units is possible with only one fingertip. In addition, work is made easier by various selectable automatic functions, such as automatic shutdown of all cutterbars at the headland or also a headland automatic.
As a little treat, the joystick can be removed from the box without tools and mounted for example directly on the existing armrest of the tractor.

New video! Demonstrations in 2020

Our Swiss importer, the company Sepp Knuesel and the company Grolig, our sales partner in the Oberallgaeu have let the camera run along at various demonstrations. We have summarized these film recordings in a small video.

Have fun watching it!

New video! Impressions and experiences with our machines in 2020

Over the year, we’ve collected amateur videos of demonstrations, customer deployments and experiments. We have combined all of this in a new video.

Have fun watching it!

New video of the field evening of the “Maschinenring Ostallgäu”!

On 26.08.2020 the Maschinenring Ostallgäu organized a field evening. We were there with mower as well as with comb rakes! Many thanks to the Murnauer Agrartechnik for this nice movie!


Rape cutter for use under extreme conditions!

In order to be prepared for use under extreme conditions, we have integrated optional rape seed cutters into our front mower. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!


Parking the rake to save space!

We have responded to the request of some customers to be able to park the Clementer 550 F hay comb rake even when folded. From now on, all two-part rakes can be parked space-savingly with two additional support feet. If you have any questions, just give us a call or send us a message, we are happy to help!

Presentation of our company
BB – Umwelttechnik!

The film team of Agropictures has followed us and some of our customers during the last year. The result is a film that shows who we are, how we work and what our motivation is. Have fun watching it!

New sales representative!

On 01.01.2020 the team of BB – Umwelttechnik has grown! In the future Gerald Priller will support us in sales and is your first contact person for all questions concerning our products. Gerald Priller is himself a part-time farmer, one of our first customers and therefore very familiar with our products.

Contact under

Operation report from
Mountain farm Babel

The company Babel in Wald in Ostallgäu has an excellent reputation and explains in the video its philosophy and why they work with the technology of BB – Umwelttechnik.

Weed control with
BB – Umwelttechnik Double blade mowers

Mechanical weed control is becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of crops. With a double blade mower from BB – Umwelttechnik, weeds can be cut down to a height of up to one metre. The lateral cutting units run on hydraulically height-adjustable feeler wheels. They can be continuously adjusted in a cutting height of 25 cm to 95 cm. This makes the machine a multi-purpose machine in addition to the normal grass cutting.

Practical test of the Clementer 300 F ECO hay comb rake in the “fortschrittlichen Landwirt”

“Der Öko – Schwader”

In the May – issue of the Austrian trade magazine “Der fortschrittliche Landwirt” our Clementer 300 F ECO hay comb rake was tested for one season under the most varied conditions. You can download the detailed test report as PDF.

We have relocated!

The new company address is:

BB – Umwelttechnik
Am Gruberbach 5
DE – 87672 Roßhaupten

We look forward to a visit from you at any time!

Practical test of Seco Duplex 800F front butterfly mower in “Fortschrittlichen Landwirt”

“Environmentally friendly across wide area”

This time the “Fortschrittliche Landwirt” tested a front butterfly from BB – Umwelttechnik. For the test the machine was on the road on different farms in Austria. The test report reflects the advantages and disadvantages of this system extremely well and realistically.

Bee losses during mowing

A report by Bavarian television about bee losses when mowing with rotary mowers.

BB-Umwelttechnik is winner of the European Bee Prize 2016

The company BB-Umwelttechnik is the winner of this year’s European Bee Prize in the category “Innovative and technological solutions”. Managing Director Max Bannaski was very pleased to receive the prize in a festive ceremony on 06.12.16 in the European Parliament in Brussels. BB-Umwelttechnik with the “double blade mower” and the winner of the category “Land use practices” prevailed against 27 applicants from 17 different European countries. The renowned European Bee Prize was awarded for the third time under the auspices of ELO (European Landowners’ Association) and the European Agricultural Machinery Association (CEMA). These associations recognise innovative projects that support the protection of pollinator habitats in agricultural environments and which aim to reduce the impact of agriculture on pollinator populations.

Seco Duplex 310F and 900H in “Fortschrittlicher Landwirt”

“With the double blade butterfly Seco Duplex from BB-Umwelttechnik, it is possible to improve mowing efficiency drastically with significantly less energy input. It also protects the sward and meadow fauna and accelerates regrowth: An ecological step against the trend. Together with BLT Wieselburg, we tested the mower combination”.

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