Automatic grinding machine

With the automatic grinding machine from BB – Umwelttechnik, knife grinding becomes very simple. What used to be unloved hours of work becomes unproblematic work in between with the new knife sharpener.

Advantages of the system

  • Simple operation: Place the blade on the machine (magnetic holder, position in the longitudinal axis does not matter) and press the start button
  • Fully automatic: After pressing the start button, the machine works completely independently and switches off automatically when the knife is completely sharpened. You can use your valuable time for other purposes.
  • Flexible: Any blade length can be ground (max. 3.5 m blade without shifting)
  • Wide range of adjustment options: Almost all types of mowing blades can be ground
  • Well designed: The grinding intensity can be easily adjusted with a simple rotary switch.
  • Each blade is sharpened individually: The material removal is the same on each blade, i.e. no matter whether a new blade is used next to an old blade, only as much material is removed as necessary.
  • Special grinding material: No heat generation during the grinding process, therefore no structural changes (= no hardness loss) on the blade
  • Exactly adjustable cutting angle: the result is a cutting edge that is as sharp as a new blade
  • The feeling of success: Minimum power requirement during mowing and very long service life
  • Model SG 15/3100 for knives up to 2,6 meters length
  • Model SG15/ 4000 for knives up to 3,5 meters length
  • Wall mounting (all lengths, also suitable for grinding several knives in a row)
  • Extensions manual (additional blade support for long blades)


Manual grinding device “Messerfix”

With the grinding device “Messerfix” all variants of knives can be ground professionally.

Advantages of the system

  • The knife is clamped fixed. The grinding and longitudinal movements are carried out by the angle grinder, thus approx. 50 % faster compared to conventional hand-held devices, as there is no need to clamp or unclamp the mower knife when changing from blade to blade.

  • Very good handling due to rotary wheel as positioning aid

  • Clearance-free guide rails ensure a precise and smooth movement of the angle grinder

  • Wide range of adjustment options: All types of mowing blades can be sharpened

  • Strong construction

  • High quality components

  • All components are screwed together. This prevents distortion due to welding. Also the exchangeability or upgradeability is much easier with screw connections.

  • Including high-quality, speed-adjustable angle grinder from Metabo, 1000 Watt, 125mm disc diameter, with electronic control, soft start and overload protection

  • Including special grinding wheel for mowing knives, overheating of the blade is completely avoided when used properly

  • The feeling of success: minimum power requirement during mowing and very long service life