Minimum power consumption

A marginal e xpenditure of energy of less than 1,5 kW (2 HP) per meter of working width shows clearly how effective mowing can be. A double-blade mower combination with nine meters working width requires a power consumption of 13 kW (18 HP) – a regular rotary blade mower consumes about five times the power. These values are measured and confirmed in collaboration with the accredited „Josephinum Research Laboratories“ in Austria.

Minimum soil compaction

Due to their design double-blade mowers are significantly lighter than rotary-blade mowers. Their weight is about one third the weight of a conventional rotary-blade mower.

Perfect regrow-conditions and razor-sharp cut

Rotary-blade mowers cut the food via quick-rotating blades. Our double-blade mowers cut the plants via scissor-type cuts. This results in a perfectly straight cut that improves significantly the regrow-conditions of the plants.

Spotlessly clean food

Food pollution is reduced considerably by using double-blade mowers due to the fact that contamination, e.g. from molehills, is not spread across the food.

Perfect food depositing

By using our double-blade mowers the food is equally deposited on the field. The outcome of this: excellent drying characteristics and significant reduction of subsequent turn-over operations.

Safety first

Compared to rotary-blade mowers there is no risk of solid bodies, e.g. stones being shot around the field.
This prevents machines and buildings from potential damage and humans from being injured.

Gentle to amphibians and insects

Double-blade mowers treat amphibians and insects with care. The number of badly injured and killed animals during the mowing process is verifiably a multiple when using a rotary-blade mower. In addition to that the dead bodies remain in the food and cause disease and sickness to the animals that eat the food.