Comb rakes from BB-Umwelttechnik – a valid alternative

Clean feed

With the front mounted hay comb rake, the fodder is not driven over and therefore not pressed into the soil and dirt by the tractor. Due to the very short soil contact of the tines, no dirt or stones are picked up and deposited in the swath, unlike with conventional rotary rakes.

Extremely gentle to the food

With the principle of the hay comb rake, the forage is “lifted” from the soil and not dragged over the soil as with conventional rotary rakes. The extremely gentle transport of the fodder onto a swath guarantees minimum losses due to crumbling.

Airy swath deposit

The hay comb rake lays the fodder in an even and extremely airy swath due to the way it is operated. This also ensures excellent drying of the fodder in the swath.

Low power consumption

The BB-Umwelttechnik hay comb rakes are extremely easy to handle. An intelligent drive technology promises the lowest energy consumption at maximum working width. For example, a tractor with 60 HP and attached front windrower Clementer 500 F can easily swath with an engine speed of 1250 rpm and a driving speed of 10 km/h.

Highest quality

All components of the BB-Umwelttechnik machines are made of high-quality materials. All sheet metal bending and laser parts are made of fine-grained structural steel S355 and are galvanized or powder-coated. Only high quality purchased parts are ordered from selected suppliers.

Modular design

Due to the well thought-out modular design, many machines can be extended without much extra work, e.g. the Clementer 300 F can be extended to the Clementer 550 F by retrofitting a rake drum. Furthermore, customer-specific working widths can also be implemented without any problems.

Perfect soil adaptation

Due to the feeler wheels running close to the rake drums, very good adaptation to the soil is guaranteed.

Steplessly adjustable

Each feeler wheel can be adjusted in height by means of a hand crank. The hand crank is secured against independent twisting by a simple mechanism.

Secure stuff

All joints on the tine carriers are supported by ball bearings. To prevent fodder from wrapping up, a wrapping guard is fitted at each rotating point.

Wide tyres

Wheels measuring 18 x 8.50 x 8″ always ensure smooth and gentle handling on uneven or wet soil.

Easy operation

As standard equipment, the front rake is easily lifted or brought into the transport position by a single-acting control unit of the tractor. When working with the Clementer 550 F and 800 F, the outer rake drums are automatically lifted (sensor controlled) only so far that the rake can be driven over swaths without touching them. A switch then allows the swivel into the transport position.

Absolutely flexible

On hay comb rakes with two rake drums, the outer rake drum can be mounted or dismounted easily and without tools using a quick coupling system. This offers maximum flexibility. Smaller working width for heavy forage growth or difficult terrain and large working width for weak growth and level surfaces. The uncoupled rake drum is parked on parking feet. These can be adjusted in height with a crank handle for easy coupling.

Optional – drive via power take-off (PTO) shaft

In principle, all hay comb rakes from BB-Umwelttechnik can be equipped with their own oil supply. A large-volume hydraulic oil tank, oil sight glass, return flow filter and large dimensioned pipes ensure a reliable drive of the rake. A thermometer in the oil sight glass provides information on the oil temperature. If the rake encounters a high level of resistance, an overload protection system protects it from damage.